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Delium provides complete evidence management for litigators, from first instructions, through to final appeal. The differentiating feature of Delium is that it makes evidence preparation and presentation easy. Delium is perfect for all types of cases, small or large, from 100 documents through to millions of documents.

Delium is tactically-driven software, giving your team every available advantage. Whether you’re technically savvy or not, Delium is designed to give you the upper hand in finding, analysing and managing the evidence you have and highlighting the evidence you don’t.

Beyond its impressive litigation support core, Delium offers two unique seamlessly integrated modules that deliver unrivalled benefit:

  • Delium’s Evidence Presentation Module is recognised as the world’s best eTrial environment by industry experts, litigators and Judges. It’s a proven eTrial solution, guaranteed to reduce hearing time by at least 25%. For more detail click here
  • Delium’s Common Evidence Module makes light work of related cases, substantially saving effort and cost by minimizing duplication of processing and review effort. For more detail click here.

Acknowledging that different legal teams want different levels of self-sufficiency, Delium has been designed so that you can set up and manage your own cases, with or without consultancy support, from wherever you can access the Internet. This makes Delium not only the most complete evidence solution available but also the most flexible.
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Delium is Complete.

Delium is Easy.

Delium is Clever.

Delium is Self-Sufficient.

Delium is Scaleable.

Delium is Unique.

Delium is Cost Effective.


What Our Clients Say About Delium


The saving in court time saw last year’s first e-litigation case completed in 32.5 days instead of the estimated 45 days. Counsel and Judge (Miller J) put this saving down to the use of (Delium).

Daphne Rowland W -v- The Crown. New Zealand LawTalk

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