Delium’s Evidence Presentation Features.



Delium’s Evidence Presentation tool offers patented functionality that allows it to claim that it is the only product in the world that can provide a truly paperless electronic courtroom capable of being run by the legal teams.

Delium allows a document to be handed to you virtually.  In traditional electronic trials, all participants view the same image on a ‘dumb’ terminal. With Delium, you can see the whole document as if the whole paper document was handed to you.  However, the benefit is, that you actually have your own version of the document available, with your own notes and annotations.

Judicial officers who have worked with Delium consistently observe that it contributes to a higher quality of justice than alternative evidence presentation options and have attributed an acceleration of hearing duration from 25% to more than 50% when compared with either conventional processes or alternative technologies.

Until Delium, evidence presentation has focused on delivering a uniform view of the evidence to all participants concurrently. While it’s not difficult to present evidence electronically, what is difficult is to present it in a framework that provides absolute control and flexibility to participants. Other solutions require compromises; Delium doesn’t.

Global industry expert, Professor Frederic Lederer, has stated that Delium is the only available software that enables widespread, low cost adoption of electronic evidence presentation.

Delium offers a huge advantage to you as a lawyer, because you can control the evidence that is presented to your witness, and you can control how the evidence is presented and the pace at which it is presented.  Delium delivers measurable and considerable time and cost benefits to all participants, and delivers a better quality of Justice.

Delium Evidence Presentation is also extremely easy to use, equally supporting passive and active participants.

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Summary of Comparative Capability

Functional Capability Delium Competitors
Designed to support and replicate traditional courtroom relationships and workflows. Yes NO
Designed to support both wired and completely wireless infrastructure application. Yes NO
Designed to support both courtroom and pre and post hearing activities from a single User interface. Yes NO
Designed to support physically remote users active participation in proceedings. Yes NO
Designed to provide flexibility so that evidence publication be driven by any Courtroom participant or a dedicated Court Operator. Yes NO
Completely Internet enabled interface which does not require 3rd party desktop based software and can be accessed wherever an authorised User can access the internet. Yes NO
Supports the automatic generation of a comprehensive Court Record (exhibit List) as a by-product of the normal course of proceedings. Yes NO
Supports storage and management of documents in a variety of image and native document formats. Yes Yes
Supports the Public display of Evidence. Yes Yes
Supports the import of data from a variety of commercial litigation support environments. Yes Yes
Provides Document Searching functionality. Yes Yes
Public and Private Data Areas. Yes Yes
Integration of Transcript. Yes Yes
Provides User contact information, calendaring and messaging functionality. Yes Yes
Supports the capacity to display multiple documents to participants concurrently. Yes Yes
Automatic hyperlinking of Document ID’s in transcripts, submissions and affidavits. Yes Yes
Supports real-time streaming of alternative presentation software in a way which maintains the integrity of the Court Record . Yes NO
Supports the ability to display private editions of evidence alongside the generic published version. Yes NO
Ability for Users to publish documents to members of their own team or other selected courtroom participants. Yes NO
Ability for a User to ‘freeze’ their Published Documents view, enabling them to keep working with a piece of evidence even if the proceedings move on to new evidence. Yes NO
Ability for Secure private commentary and analysis for all participants to be written to physically secure and logically discrete databases from a single courtroom interface. Yes NO

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